You Better Shop Around and Compare HR Software

Sometimes your Human Resource Department can get buried in paperwork. Payroll, benefits and evaluations becomes so overwhelming that they can not find a light at the end of the tunnel. HR software was designed to make this a thing of the past; just make sure you compare HR software providers before you make your decision.

First Thoughts in Comparing HR Software

When you set out to compare HR software the first thing you need to decide is if you want a hosted solution or an in-house solution. Both systems are very similar with just a few details that are different. However, you must compare HR software on both levels before you decide which you would prefer to see in your specific company.

Hosted HR Software

The hosted software allows you the freedom from having to invest in extra hardware, maintenance and upgrades. Your system will be up and running quicker which makes it easier to add new features and get upgrades. The hosted solution also means that there will be less downtime if there is ever a problem with your system.

In-House HR Software

Some business owners choose to go with an in-house system so that they have complete control over their software. This allows you to know exactly what kind of information is being stored in your system and gives you or your managers complete control over how the software is being used. On the down side to this, your IT Department must be ready and willing to fix any issues that may arise in a timely manner so that you are not left with a useless system for a period of time.

Ajiva’s SimpleHR

This happens to be one of the least expensive systems you will find when you compare HR software. This software will store salary information, benefits, performance reviews and training schedules. It will also help with vacations and incident reporting. Basic information on all employees is stored in this system as well. $199.00 will get you the SimpleHR system that is compatible with QuickBooks and runs as a Windows product. Fifty employees or fewer are all that the system will store information on but you can set it up as a single user or multi user status.

People-Trak HR

People-Trak HR is actually a very cheap option when you compare HR software. It starts as a $20.00 one time fee per user. The more people you add to your system the more money it will cost you. This system will manage salaries, hours worked, benefits and performance reviews just as the others will. The great benefit to this one is that COBRA information can be stored here as well.


When you compare HR software OrangeHRM is another one to consider. This is a flexible software solution that is also available as a hosted solution or an in house solution. The OrangeHRM system is broken into segments so that you can choose which functions you would like the system to handle before making your purchase.

Comparing HR Software

Not matter which software you decide to go with, you will see the differences when you compare HR software. Some will allow multiple users and some just single users. Many will host numerous employees while others just a few. Deciding how much you want your system to handle will be the first step when you compare HR software.