Moving HR Software to the Cloud

HR Software to the Cloud
Cloud HR software is expanding by leaps and bounds. Though still in its infancy, HR companies are beginning to realize that software can be delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), or in the cloud, which effectively changes how HR materials are implemented, delivered and even tracked.

SaaS transforms HR into a cost savings enterprise, and captures values quickly. Clients can utilize HR services, like recruitment, screening, analytics, performance management, payroll, and attendance or workforce management. In other words, companies easily access all their HR information anytime, anywhere.

A great example for HR cloud computing happens with unification. It becomes easy to integrate and merge applicant tracking, talent and performance management, HRIS, and compliance management. Taking HR software to the cloud means unification for all these features, so there would be no need to acquire multiple systems to handle each of these.

Lowering costs
Your SaaS provider will do all the work. That means no more additional hardware, software, and maintenance upgrades on your end. This is cost-effective savings for your company. You won’t have to pay for additional IT staff, products, or storage facilities. Better yet, it’s scalable and grows with your company. All you pay is a monthly fee based on usage, no more.

Is this Secure?
It can feel uneasy storing documents onto an external server and not preparing hard copies, especially when dealing with employee records and reports. However, HR software in the cloud is more secure than using outdated filing. Paperwork will not be lost or misplaced, duplications and erroneous errors will simply not occur, and SaaS server security is highly encrypted.

What about payslips, compensation?
Since SaaS HR software can normally be configured within a few hours, this shouldn’t affect producing any payslips or compensation. Employees can view their payslips immediately, either via email or on a secure browser. This saves your HR organizer a lot of administration time and hassle. Plus, employees can track payslips online, and easily keep track of their holiday and over-time hours.

HR Cloud Computing is Bigger Picture
With how HR software is expanding, future HR operating models will never be the same, for companies of all sizes. The transition should be carefully looked-over before completely transitioning to the SaaS model. However with all the benefits of rapid deployment of software, flexibility, and reduction of upfront costs, the transition is well worth it.

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