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Moving HR Software to the Cloud

HR Software to the Cloud Cloud HR software is expanding by leaps and bounds. Though still in its infancy, HR companies are beginning to realize that software can be delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), or in the cloud, which effectively changes how HR materials are implemented, delivered and even tracked. SaaS transforms HR into a cost […]

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HR Software Drives Compliance Management for Trucking Solutions Portfolio

The North American provider of on-demand human resource and compliance management software, Compli, has introduced a new lineup of products specifically designed for the trucking industry. Compli’s software is designed to help carriers in trucking and transportation to automate HR practices, implement effective safety programs, address specific CSA issues, increase overall productivity and efficiency and […]

Social Media and Human Resource Management Software Solutions

Social media is everywhere. Starting with groups that were mostly designed to work within a relatively small environment like a school, these new programs have blossomed into multi-billion dollar enterprises. At this point, hardly anyone is immune from the influence of websites like Facebook or MySpace. An unintended consequence of having all of this information […]


Improving Performance and Achieving Goals with HCM Software

Human Capital Management, or HCM software is greatly helping companies like yours improve their overall performance and achieve their goals in a more efficient manner. Even though IT departments have been able to implement software that helps to manage the information provided through employees, the focus has been on the end numbers and results. Unfortunately, […]

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