Less Paper, More Talent: How Human Resource Software Comes Through

There’s no doubt Human Resource Software is making a serious impact on how HR gets done. Innovations in the field, plus the acceptance of human resource professionals that software can help them boost productivity, may be leading your own human resources team to look at tools that can enhance nearly every HR task. An even bigger shift you may be experiencing is the desire of your HR staff to work with your IT team and top management to explore ways to implement Human Resource Software for performance improvement, strategic planning and compliance.

Beyond the Basics with Human Resource Software

Like many business processes, new tools in Human Resource Software can allow your employees immediate and secure access to information and records, saving you time, money and resources. This is true in terms of allowing employees to know where they stand on vacation or sick time, retirement, and more from any location – but you can also use Human Resource Software to seek and recruit top talent.

It All Starts With the Talent

The benefits of Human Resource Software run deep, like today’s HR expectations. Succession planning can be woven into your software solution, as well as modules to help your employees develop and grow professionally. Since you’ve got nothing without good people, Human Resource Software is offering modules that pinpoint talent attraction and retention – giving a true customer service element to managing relationships and working with potential candidates.

Other key features to look for are e-learning, payroll without paper, workflow enhancements and benefits package review. Systems and modules for keeping track of applicants, and their places of employment, are also available as Human Resource Software takes a strong leap into total talent management. That’s a good thing, given that many other organizations may be fighting for the same talented people.
Human Resource Software Assists You in Preparing for Leadership Turnover

Another challenge Human Resource Software can help you conquer is long-range planning, in terms of salary offerings and the need for experienced leaders as more and more of today’s generation of leaders move into retirement. Some organizations are using Human Resource Software as a pivotal piece for future planning, linking it up with ERP systems, especially where salary schedules, employee productivity outcomes and preparing for tomorrow’s talent needs is concerned.

On-Demand Success Story

Taleo, as one example, offers some innovative on-demand Human Resource Software tools, ranging from talent recruitment and management, connection with potential candidates, compensation, benefits planning and employee motivation – while giving you the flexibility of the cloud. When Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta looked at one of its key challenges, including a lack of skilled staff, they hoped Taleo Human Resource Software would meet their needs.

Before implementing a Human Resource Software solution, the hospital relied on an e-based system for recruitment. Difficulties and inconsistencies in its use meant people were sending paper applications instead, which became a daunting task for human resource staff and cost them valuable time in the race to acquire talent.

Taleo helped this major hospital system, with more than 5,600 staff members, to move away from paper resumes to an online process – which helped them reach top candidates faster, allowed their human resource team more time for valuable tasks and reduced overall hiring costs.

If internal mobility is another function you want from Human Resource Software, vendors like Taleo can deliver. Children’s Healthcare began using Taleo tools to make sure internal jobs were available for its vast number of employees to respond to, another money and time-saving benefit.

How Will Your Staff Members Respond to Human Resource Software?

Will automating your human resource processes with software make your employees feel like robots? Not hardly. Many technology experts believe that allowing Human Resource Software to do the bulk of daily tasks related to payroll, benefits and other basic data-heavy processes clears space for you to give premium human resource service – the ability and time to interact one-on-one with employees and truly link their talents up with your mission and your future goals.