Probe Your Potential New Hires with Recruiting Software

When choosing recruiting software it is easy to find one that is affordable and handles the basics. What you really want is one that is a stand out software that will handle the basics and much more. There are basically five things to look for when choosing your recruiting software. No matter which one you decide to go with these five things are definite benefits to the recruiting software package.

Recruiting Software: Management and Approval of Requisitions

You want to make sure that your recruiting software will hold requisitions for long periods of time so that you can use them later to refer back to. A date of origin is a good tool to use to sort them all and will also give you a reference date to look back on. Skills and job functions are also things that you can use to sort them by in your recruiting software.

Recruiting Software: Job Posting Capabilities

Because your Human Resources Department is already busy, let your recruiting software handle all of your job postings as well. This will allow your current employees the ability to check for internal transfers as well as recommending the job openings to friends. This is a great tool for all companies because it lessens the workload on other departments.

Recruiting Software: Pre-Screening Your New Hires

When it comes to hiring employees there is a lot that goes into it before they are ever offered a position in your company. Your recruiting software will handle all of the pre-screening questions so that you are not bound to hour long interviews. A scoring system that is built into the recruiting software will let you know right away if it is a potential employee or one that you should walk away from.

Recruiting Software: Managing Interviews

With the recruiting software you will easily be able to handle interviews in a professional manner and in the shortest amount of time possible. Once the interview is complete your recruiting software will send alerts so that you will automatically know when it is time to take the next step. Your recruiting software will also generate welcome letters or the no thank you letters, depending on the outcome of the interview.

Recruiting Software: Reports

“What-if’s” are a big thing in hiring new employees. Your recruiting software will actually generate reports based on your “what if” questions. This will allow you to view all possible scenarios before you make your decision on a particular candidate for employment.

No matter what your new hire process is now, recruiting software is sure to make it easier. If you are filling a large number of positions at once or just one position at a time, the interview and orientation process can be one that is long and drawn out. With recruiting software this process is made as simple as possible so that the amount of work and effort you have to put into it is seemingly nothing at all. Let the recruiting software take the stress off of you and your Human Resource Department.