Infor HCM Review

Infor HCM customers have been able to reduce their labor costs by up to 6% just by using their software. 60% of their customers have been able to decrease their administrative workloads and increase profits by 15 – 40 base points. Those are some very impressive numbers for doing nothing more than implementing software.

Infor HCM believes that employees are the best asset to any company and they have created software that will allow those employees to work to their full potential. Their goal is to see their customers overall performances improve, therefore improving on their revenue.

What Infor HCM HRIS Can Do for Your Company:

Infor HCM’s HRIS software is noted for being able to streamline the entire recruiting to retiring process. They are also thriving on the fact that once a company has implemented their system, their employee’s overall attitude and performance improve which makes for a better working environment.

Select Infor Customers:

Tandy Brands Accessories, VF Corporation, Hutchinson, Inalfa Roof Systems, Lacks Enterprise Inc., Pilkington Automotive Place, Quality Metalcraft  Inc., WAlglobal, C.H. Briggs, Hayward, Knauf Drywall, Tampa Tile, TMS South, Wausau Supply, Advantage Sales & Marketing, Itella, Maritz, 3form Inc., CPAC Inc., Croda Europe, Yara International ASA, Del Monte, Empacadora San Marcos, Kipp Brothers, Regis Corporation

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Infor HCM’s HRIS product is a great asset to any business. Their extensive list of related products provides a wide range of services.

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  • Infor EAM
  • Infor ERP
  • Infor Expense Management
  • Infor FMS
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Product Key Features:

  • Ability to improve on productivity and reduce costs
  • Error free payroll reporting every time
  • Handling of the entire recruiting to retirement process

Infor HCM HRIS Technology:

Infor HCM HRIS software is available as a cloud based service. This allows for no start up fees and easier maintenance and implementation. The flexibility allows businesses to decide on the solutions they want with their software purchase as well.

Bottom Line:

The ability to cut down on data entry and paperwork are two of the greatest features that Infor HCM has been prided for. Their customers love the fact that their jobs are so much easier and that their work is now error free. Having a software program like they do is second to none with their competition.
Being named third largest software provider was definitely a pat on the back for Infor HCM. They worked hard to make sure that their software was a leader of its kind and it shows by their extensive satisfied customers list. No matter which programs are chosen to work with their HRIS software the results will be amazing.