Sage HR Software Review

Providing quality services at a cost effective price is the goal of Sage. They strive to make their integrations on time and in a professional manner for every company they service. They expect to meet every customers needs and do nothing less than to exceed their expectations.

What Sage HRIS Can do For Your Company:

Sage HRIS has strived to provide great solutions for their customers in regards to payroll software. They offer a great training model that will allow their customers to have their new systems up and running in no time at all.

Select Sage Customers:

Eagerlock, Henley, Goodwill, Boston Medical

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Sage’s Payroll Software has streamlined the process to make it quicker and more efficient for the Human Resource Department. The ABRA HR will handle most other tasks such as benefits, life changes and employee reviews.

Key Features

  • Handle attendance, payroll, training, benefits, recruiting, planning and performance management
  • Allow employees the option for self-service in regards to their benefits
  • Give managers the ability to handle performance reviews with the few clicks of a button
  • Reduce the work load on Human Resource Departments

Stand Out Features

  • Some of the features of the HRIS system offered by Sage are payroll, attendance, training, benefits, employee self-service, recruiting, planning, and performance management. All of these things are made to make the life of a Human Resource employee’s life easier.
  • Payroll used to be a very time consuming task for someone but with the new HRIS system offered by Sage it will run much more efficiently from start to finish. The handling of benefits are the same way, the mounds of paperwork can be eliminated due to the employee self-service features that the HRIS system has. Employees will be able to input their information directly into the system rather than doing it on paper and handing in for someone else to input.


  • Performance management is also a great thing because when it comes time for promotions and other employee issues, all of the information is there at the fingertips of the one who needs it. No more searching through employee files to find one form; with just a few clicks of the mouse everything will be readily available.

Sage Technology:

Sage software is available through a Windows platform or a SQL server. Both options are available depending on what each customer prefers.

Bottom Line

It can be easy to choose a software vendor for an HRIS system but choosing one that is the right company can be difficult. The choice has to be based not only on cost but on efficiency, customer satisfaction and ability to integrate. Sage offers all of these qualities and much more.