Workday HCM Review

Since Workday publicly appeared on the scene in January 2006, it has been self-described as a “revolutionary application platform and the next generation of business applications to drive your enterprise’s performance,” with applications that will be “dramatically easy to use, be responsive to your organization’s changing needs and will significantly lower your total cost of ownership.”

The sales pitch from Workday, which was co-founded by PeopleSoft founder Dave Duffield his former vice chairman Aneel Bhusri following the contentious acquisition of the PeopleSoft by Oracle, sounds similar to what SAP is saying about its mid-market A1S product due in 2008 and Oracle’s Fusion applications, which the company said is a “vision” for the next-generation of enterprise technologies, applications and services that will revolutionize business.

What Workday Can Do For Your Company

Workday Performance Management solution suite allows companies to manage the talent of a global, diverse and mobile labor pool by bringing the flexibility, ease-of-use and significant cost advantages of the Workday on-demand HCM service environment to workforce expertise management.

Select Workday Customers:, McKee Industries, MIPRO Consulting, Kana, BioSite, Data Domain, Covad Communications, Dudum Sports & Entertainment,, Life Time Fitness.

Workday Key Products:

  • Workday Performance Management
  • Workday Staffing

Workday HCM Key Features
Workday Performance Management

  • Supports the full review process, from initiation through sign-off.
  • Highly configurable and easily adaptable to existing business processes, Workday Performance Management can be implemented without programmers or IT involvement.
  • Allows companies to maintain multiple discrete review processes to support the varying needs of different departments and organizations.
  • Supports a collaborative interaction between reviewers.
  • Targets performance reviews to different employees, such as exempt/non-exempt (hourly vs. salary), compensation grade, geographic/region org, etc.
  • Configures a performance event so it will trigger a corresponding compensation event.
  • Ensures consistency in evaluation forms and processes to improve regulatory compliance and reduce risk.
  • Sets performance review content (e.g., goals, responsibilities, etc.) at the beginning, or during, the employee review period.
  • Tracks personal goals, which may be added by both managers and employees.

Workday Staffing

  • Enables companies to establish and manage staffing at any level in the organization. Staffing ‘flavor’ may be defined for individual organizations, divisions or the entire company.
  • Position Management – Hiring managers fill only specific, approved positions. Compensation packages may optionally be assigned to unfilled positions.
  • Headcount Management – Hiring managers have an approved headcount target with appropriate organizational hiring guidelines. Workday automatically tracks how many positions and/or hours have been filled.
  • Job Management – Hiring managers hire as they see fit with no specific target, subject only to the hiring guidelines defined for the organization.

Workday Technology:

Workday’s services and solutions are delivered on demand. No hardware, no software, no implementation, no upgrades. Customers pay for the services they use.

Bottom Line:

Workday’s on-demand solutions provide an order of magnitude savings in total cost of ownership versus traditional on-premise applications. What’s more, with Workday an organization has access to the most current and innovative best practices being delivered on a regular basis.