Global HR Solutions by Utilizing Workday HCM For Your Company

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM)

Workday HCM is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, which properly tracks, organizes, and unifies your company’s global workforce into one unique system. HCM comprises of two essential parts: firstly, global human resource management, which includes compensation management, and absence management, and secondly, global talent management comprising of goal and performance management. As a global workforce management system, it creates a clear line of sight for business objectives or individual performance and effectively monitors and organizes all HR functions for your employees.

Workday HCM provides clients with a system-of-record, while growing into a global and diverse workplace environment. Workforce HCM promotes strategic objectives and HR support into one cohesive workforce solution. Here is a sampling of features, as follows:

Strategy Unification

  • Workday describes workforce intelligence as maintaining “visibility into your workforce capacity, costs, capability and quality.” The goal is having the ability to gather all information into a single location, a unified solution, so it is easy to capture entire individual profiles and keep records up-to-date.

Ownership Costs are Significantly Lower

  • Workday is delivered as a SaaS system, therefore all IT costs are significantly reduced. That is because Workday is responsible for providing all the hardware, installation, maintenance, and ensuring all Workday HCM updates. Having an efficient SaaS company monitor your system saves you time and money.

Easily adaptable? Yes.

  • Workday HCM makes it incredibly easy to integrate into your company’s existing organizational structure, instead of changing your company to accommodate new software. Workday HCM’s built-in workflow and web-service-based applications configures to your company, evolving as your company grows.

Super Fast Reporting

  • Workday’s HCM has incredible in-memory data management, which means efficient analytics and reporting, and speedy business intelligence delivery.

Worldwide Solutions

  • Workday promises that no matter where company workers may be located, “its HCM solution must be there.” Information is readily available globally and can be accessed from all mobile devices, like an iPad or iPhone, without the necessity of a web browser.

Workday HCM Cloud Connectivity

  • Workday utilizes cloud connectivity. For example, when choosing benefits through the cloud, HR organizers can evaluate, select, and offer appropriate benefit plans for your global workforce. Using the cloud functionality allows you to streamline the process of administering benefit plans. Cloud Connect for Benefits also continuously adds popular providers. In addition, it is easy to focus on strategic activities and simplify the integration process to popular benefit providers. HCM cloud connections can potentially provide all supplementary services and materials while also harmonizing with other directory systems.

Global Talent and Goal Management
Lastly, Workday HCM implements global talent management and delivers all the tools as needed. It also accurately aligns strategic business goals, workforce information, and optimizes deployment. Goal management engages the workforce by helping to provide performance and rewards insight. HCM can help assess and track goal completion. In addition it can monitor successor readiness, i.e. when employees are ready for their next promotion, and track training progress.


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