HRIS Software: A Clever Integration to Support all Your Human Resource Needs

HRIS Software In a Few Words
Your company is only as strong as your HR department. Truly, having to managing people, maybe even hundreds of people, is why HRIS software can be incredibly crucial for your company. But what is HRIS, and more importantly, how can this work for your company? Simply stated, HRIS is human resource information system, is a clever cross-breed between human resource management (HRM) and information technology. HR and IT are working together to streamline administrative procedures, manage employee records and effectively reduce the need for paperwork and manual records, which makes HRIS software also environmentally friendly.

Who Should Implement HRIS Software?
Every type of company, small-medium-enterprise, can benefit by implementing HRIS software. The right HRIS software provides data management, which allows for quick access to information, easy reporting, and improved efficiency. Your company should be able to easily manage applicant tracking, employee tracking, training management, benefits, employee evaluations, and job data.

Like Having an HR Assistant
Effective HRIS software is comparable to having an HR assistant. It doesn’t replace the HR work, but merely transcribes it easily for you to access. Ideally, every company wants to have information at their fingertips, it helps address obstacles before they arise and take action before any problems occur.

Components of HRIS Software
Some of the key benefits with HRIS software is powerful, flexible reporting. That type of efficiency frees up HR representative time, so they are not needlessly tracking down data, running reports. Instead, HR reps can concentrate on other HR services.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some great HRIS software features, which should help break down complicated human resource management more efficiently:

  • Importing and Exporting Data

Companies always want a way to manage HR data at a reasonable cost, but still integrate and export data into software suites like Excel or Access seamlessly. Having the right HRIS software should provide functionality in a straight forward, user-friendly manner.

  • Employee Benefits

Properly tracking down employee benefits is an essential function of any HR department. It is also important to track down retirement plans or employee education enhancement programs, too. Having this HRIS software functionality lets your company see when an employee is eligible, their enrollment history, disability, investment plans, scholarships, stock options, or even, profit sharing.

  • Performance Evaluations

Performance reviews are a key component for employee development. Having this as part of your HRIS software package should help reschedule and complete employee evaluations, conducting probationary reviews, and employee self evaluations easily. Additionally, paperless documentation is reliable, environmentally-friendly and a time saving feature (no more scanning paperwork).

  • Work History

One of the best features for HRIS software is easily accessing employee work history. There you can document everything, from employee discipline with written and verbal warnings, to compensation, payroll information and union information.

  • Training

Professional training and development is a great way to retain employees, and help strengthen the business team. HRIS software should help organize the training progress for all employees.

HRIS Software

The end goal for HRIS software is to help organize and streamline the HR department. This reduces paper-juggling and late deadlines. The variety of HRIS software products available makes it easy to find one within any company budget and time frame.


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